Plant Medicine

An ancestral path of healing and spiritual evolution

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Since day and age humanity has used sacred plant medicine for healing, expanding consciousness and spiritual evolution. The processes with sacred plants allow us to dive deep into our inner worlds in order to learn about ourselves, heal our deepest wounds, and evolve and grow spiritually. When done in the right setting and with the proper guidance, these can be very transformational experiences that enrich and alter our lives in many profound ways. They can accelerate the journey to become firmly rooted in our heart of hearts, and help us integrate our shadow, moving towards authenticity and wholeness. Especially in combination with other healing modalities, such as psychotherapy, somatic and contemplative practices, sacred plant medicine has the ability to transform our lives on many levels.

Ceremonies and traditional plant diets

The work with sacred plants can either be done in ceremony, or during a longer individual process which is known as a ‘Dieta’, or traditional plant diet. During a ceremony participants ingest a concoction of sacred plants which have mind expanding properties. This allows us to dive deeply into our inner worlds in order to heal, learn and explore our spirituality. Ceremonies are typically held in a group setting at night and last somewhere between 4-6 hrs. Traditional plant diets are 10-day processes which are opened and closed with ceremonies. Some people spend several consecutive weeks dieting. Participants spend their time in isolation in the jungle disconnected from the outside world adhering to a strict diet and ingesting medicinal plants, chosen to fit their individual process. They are accompanied individually on their inner journey on a daily basis. These plant diets, because of their format and duration, allow participants to make profound shifts, changing themselves and their lives forever.

Things to take into account

Let it be clear that plant medicine is not a panacea, even though it can bring about great positive shifts. The transformation depends considerably on the level of awareness and the commitment of the participant to the integration process during the weeks and months after the experience. Sacred plant ceremonies can definitely be pivotal points, but in general form part of a much larger journey towards wholeness.
The effects of these plants can lead to very intense physical and emotional experiences and are therefore not for everyone. If we are in a dark place this will very likely manifest during ceremony, so we must be willing to ‘face our demons’. Having said that, facing our deepest fears and wounds gives us the opportunity to work through them, take the lessons, and come out more resilient and wiser on the other end. Within the safe container of the ceremony, plant medicine in combination with the proper guidance can provide the conditions for deep healing to take place. But never push yourself if you don’t feel ready. Only you can judge if it’s for you. There are countless other ways of doing inner work.


Working with plant medicine is safe, but there are a few incompatibilities in terms of (mental) health issues or medication/substance use. In order to make sure that it will be a beneficial and safe experience, it is important to go through a screening process which takes into account physical and mental health and lifestyle. It is very important to prepare ourselves emotionally and physically a few weeks before the process, as well as going through a proper integration process after the experience in order to fully assimilate the transformations.

More info

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I would also like to point to ICEERS as a valuable source of information about plant medicine.